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Outfit Guide


Welcome to the simple and easy-to-follow style guide! 

All of these ideas and tips apply to everyone. My examples are with women's clothing but it works no matter how you identify xo. You can also use this guide to coordinate with your loved ones by following the tips but varying the textures, patterns and tones. It's helpful to choose one colour and material first, like white and denim, and then choose similar tones for the next person but change up the fabric or swap the top and bottom colours and so on. 


Choosing an outfit for your photo shoot can be difficult and sometimes stressful. What colours do I wear? What about patterns? 

Hopefully I can answer your questions! 


My favourite tip is to choose clothing based on texture. Have fun with how something looks and feels, for example: chiffon, silk, wool, sherpa, linen, simple beads and pearls, knits, denim, leather, and the list goes on!

If you like patterns choose one that's minimal, like thin stripes or of similar colours. Patterns that are bright, have strong contrast or involve a lot of details usually clutter a photo or make it hard for the eye to focus on your beautiful face. 


Colours are so so important in a photo as well. My tip is to go with Earth tones like cream, taupe, brown, caramel, beige, white and black, you can't go wrong! This is not just because of my personal aesthetic--bright colours like orange, yellow, hot pink, bright green and purple can dominate the rest of the tones in the photo and even reflect off the face which makes skin tones appear less natural.


As you will see in my examples, I totally encourage having fun with colour! Any colours near your face, neck or hands should be as Earthy as possible. Some fun colours for Spring are peach, umber, cinnamon, olive green, baby blue and indigo blue.


A warm and cozy sweater paired with a square neck top or button down shirt is one of my favourite looks. I also suggest flats, sandals or mules with this outfit. When you're warm and comfy outside, your photos will reflect that!

Get Cozy


keep it



Less is more! Especially if you've booked a styled outdoor shoot or studio session with decor around you. Small details don't always show up in photos so I like to focus on the big items and then add any special little accessories after.


Above are three different looks using either denim jeans or a denim jacket. You don't have to have a huge wardrobe to have variety! Sometimes the best outfits are the ones you wear often, it helps your portraits feel like you. Add your favourite sunglasses, sneakers, pins or other staples!


dress      it 

Your portraits are intended to last forever, why not dress up!? Maybe you choose dress shoes, mules or heels instead of sneakers. You can also go for those fun clothes you don't normally get to wear! Express yourself through your clothing and you will love the results.



I also highly recommend finishing your outfit with an accessory or two, like toques or hats (avoid baseball caps with logos), oversized scrunchies, neck scarves, belts, bags, watches and jewellery. 

I can't wait to see you at our session! Please contact me if you have any other questions. 



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